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The TOP 10 Reasons Builders MUST Know Resale

Updated: Apr 14, 2018

New Home Marketing Services believes strongly in the power of resale to affect a residential builder’s success in the marketplace. What we do as a company; the products we deliver; the services we offer, and many of the blogs we write are geared towards helping builders appreciate how resale can impact their business. For that reason, we believe it is paramount for builders to know resale. From years working with builders and brokers, NHMS has created the “Top 10” reasons builders MUST know resale. In this first blog, we are sharing that list with you, and it is simply that, a list. We’ve included no supporting commentary.

In subsequent blogs, we will address each item in the list, one at a time, and spend some time exploring the concept in more detail. We welcome your reactions and your feedback. This is our take based upon years working for large production builders and brokerage houses. It doesn’t mean there aren’t more items we should consider nor does it mean everyone will agree. But we do welcome your take on each one. Any initial reactions to the list? We’re listening.

1. Resale is new construction’s NUMBER 1 competitor.

2. Builders MUST know resale in order to establish their homes “Value Equation” relative to resale.

3. Resale STRONGLY INFLUENCES new construction spec home start decisions.

4. Resale STRONGLY INFLUENCES new construction spec home pricing decisions.

5. Resale is a LEADING indicator of new product opportunities.

6. Resale DRIVES new construction leads.

7. Resale STRONGLY INFLUENCES the consumer’s view of the market.

8. Resale INFLUENCES finished lot acquisitions.

9. Resale DRIVES how builders should address aging inventory issues.

10. Builders MUST understand how Realtors sell in order for them to effectively connect with Realtors.



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