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Homebuilder Data Analytics

Kaleidoscope Features

Designed by builders for builders.


Simple to use, but sophisticated, proprietary software that analyzes resale and new home market activity.


Forecast sales, make community and home plan start decisions, track sales progress and competitive analysis, process price increases and decreases based on market, and more.


Position-based profiles: land management, financial modeling, sales and sales management.

Quick Access to Most-used data

Our intuitive Dashboard gives you today's up-to-date market information including deltas for datapoints and key market performance indicators compared to last period and same period last year.

Users access preformatted reports that they choose and use frequently right from the dashboard.

A few of our reports:

  • Community Competitive Analysis

  • Geographic Area Detail Report

  • Months of Inventory

  • Current Supply

  • SOLD vs LIST Price Comparison

  • Current ACTIVE, PENDING, SOLD Report

Simplified Yet Granular Reporting

Our simple search interface is designed to take the guesswork out of the complexities of the MLS and other reporting entities.

Ad Hoc reporting is available as well on a variety of datapoints, including: basement or garage, new construction only, resale only, square footage, price, room count, # of bedrooms, # of baths - and our new feature allows us to search within current listings in the MLS for specific KEYWORDS, such as "granite", "stainless steel," etc., so that builders can determine competitive analysis down to the minutest of details.


Listing Management Service


Oculus Overview

Dedicated listing services with full information and descriptions give your new homes a better chance of activity.

Proprietary MLS Search Algorithm Listing Management System ensures our listings are always at the top of search returns.

Photograph & Floorplan Management for each listing.

Fully MLS compliant - we monitor listings constantly to ensure compliance.

Listing Management includes a set number of updates including Pending and 5 price or completion updates per period.


Feedback from showings by Realtors included.

Monthly Listing Reports show both activity and total views by platform. 


Oculus produces increased activity and “builder first” listing returns - up to 70% more visibility for listings.

Proprietary Entry Forms

Our Listing Entry Forms allow your staff to spend the least amount of time possible adding new listings or updating existing listings. 

Each form is designed to take less than 5 minutes to enter and upload attachments - allowing your staff to spend more time selling!


Realtor Engagement & 

Consolidated Transactions


Our average Builder client experiences more than a 20% increase in sales, and almost 30% increase in Realtor Engagement in just the first year.


  • Dedicated Realtor Customer Service for listings. We interface with Realtors, schedule showings, and provide them with pre-showing info so they are fully prepared when they bring the client across your threshold.

  • LIVE 24-HOUR Phone Coverage including live appointment scheduling.

  • LIVE 24-HOUR email/chat coverage.

  • FULL LEAD / SALES REPORTING on all contacts and dispositions; and a database of Realtors who have shown, requested showings, or expressed interest in future business.

  • COMMUNITY AGNOSTIC...we can guide Realtors and consumer leads to multiple communities from the same builder to ensure the right plan and price points are available. By knowing your entire market area, we can ensure that buyers see the model they want in the area to help them make a decision.

  • Transaction Management to guide Realtors through the process, including pre-showing document push and email updates to building process.

  • Showing appointment scheduling and follow-up including direct feedback.

  • Coordination with in-house lender (if available)

  • Direct Email Target Marketing available with delivery statistics and auto-follow ups. Hot leads are delivered to Sales Representatives directly. Includes recently Pended resale email alerts to Realtors to invite them to bring "leftover" buyers to your nearby community. (Add-on)

  • Realtor Loyalty Program increases multiple Realtor opportunities.


  • APPRAISER REPORTING from Kaleidoscope. Let your salespeople sell while we get the most accurate information to appraisers to increase closing percentages.

  • AREA RENTER CONTACT INFORMATION for area renters so your Salespeople can reach out to them to discuss the merits of owning a new home vs. renting. (Add-on)

"Just one lead from HARE is equal to 10 leads I get from my own Internet Leads Group."

Sales Rep - Florida

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